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Longhorn Early College

What is Early College High School? 

United High School Early College Academy (UHSECA) is a small school designed for students to earn both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree or up to 60 hours of credit toward a bachelor’s degree.

UHSECA has the potential to improve high school graduation rates and better prepare all students for high-skilled careers by engaging them in a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum and compressing the number of years towards a college degree. 

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Why Early College High School? 

Did you know that…

For every 10 students that start high school:

  • 8 will finish and obtain a high school diploma
  • 6 will enroll in a post-secondary institution
  • Only 3 will complete a bachelor’s degree within 10 years.

A post-secondary education is essential for financial and personal freedom in today’s economy. A four-year college graduate earns two-thirds more than a high school graduate does. An associate’s degree translates into significantly more earnings than with a high school diploma alone.





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